Software Development Company

Since 2000, Nepasoft Solutions is an established industry leader in Software Development delivering world-class services for companies in Nepal and globally. Nepasoft Solutions leverages itself with blend of the best industry-proven practices, prevalent leading standards, and refined business acumen. It endeavors to understand the market in enable it provide requisite technical skills with a hands-on approach to meet the toughest challenges that our clients face to help them compete successfully in the dynamically changing IT marketplace to assist in maximizing return on investments.
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Application Development Services

Application Development Services Nepasoft Solutions is always on standby to assist its customers and prospects when there is a need of specific applications to be developed. Nepasoft Solutions has by virtue of its experience built up sufficient skilled and experienced resources to handle large-scale and complex development and system integration projects.
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Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise Nepasoft Solutions has been working with a team of Electronic Data Discovery Domain specialists with substantial backgrounds in large enterprise litigation applications to develop design, execute R&D for prestigious clients in the U.S.A , who enable world's leading law firms and enterprises to competently as well economically manage their legal, regulatory and investigative cases effectively.
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DBA Services

DBA Services To reduce IT costs whilst increasing the stability and performance of database investments, Nepasoft Solutions specializes in providing tailored Oracle database and end-to-end security solutions that fit the needs of organizations.
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